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Enriching Human Health With Delicious, Highly Beneficial Vitamin D3 Gummies For Adults

Rejuvences Vegetarian Vitamin D3 Gummies For Adults Are A FDA, GMP And Dubai Municipality Approved Immune Support Supplement. Available In Delicious Peach, Mango And Strawberry (90 Pcs Per Bottle)

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  • Mansi

    Amazing Tasty Gummies

    Thanks for the recommendation. My Son loved the gummies. I would love to recommend it to all those who hate tablets

sunshine vitamin

Vitamin D3 Is Known By Many As The Sunshine Vitamin – Because Our Bodies Produce It When Exposed To The Sun! It’s One Of The Most Important Vitamins Out There, Helping Our Bodies To Absorb Calcium And Phosphorus In Order To Build And Maintain Healthy And Strong Bones And Teeth. But When Life Gets Too Busy, It Can Feel Impossible To Find The Time To Get Outdoors! Whether You’re Stuck In The Shadows Due To Work Or Personal Circumstances – Or Just Want To Top Up Your Vitamin D3 Levels –Rejuvences Is Here To Help.


Proudly Emirati

Led By Emirati Native, Dr. Mohamed Taryan, Rejuvences Is A Proudly Emirati Brand Dedicated To Bringing New Heights Of Health To Everyone In The Form Of Affordable, Beneficial And Delicious Vitamin Supplements For Adults.

We Can’t Wait To Receive Your Order And Ensure Your Days Shine Bright With Healthy Helpings Of Vitamin D3!

6 reasons why YOU SHOULD CHOOSE Rejuvences vitamin 3d

Incredible Health Benefits

Vitamin D3 Is Instrumental In Keeping Your Bones And Teeth In Strong And Healthy Condition – But The Benefits Don’t Stop There! Studies Show That The Sunshine Vitamin May Also Help Support Our Heart And Immune System, As Well As Contribute To Positive Moods!

Daily Dose – and More!

Vitamin D3 Is One Thing That Our Bodies Can’t Get Enough Of – And With 250% Of Your Recommended Daily Dose In Every Rejuvences Vitamin D3 Gummy, You Can Ensure Your Bones And Teeth Remain At Their Strongest And Healthiest!

Sports Performance

Vitamin D3 Helps Athletes Train At Their Best With Improved Muscle Contraction, Energy Production And Cognitive Function For Performing At Their Best For Longer – As Well As Resisting Injury Thanks To Stronger Bones!

For Every Dietary Choice

Rejuvences’ Vitamin D3 Gummies Are 100% Vegetarian-Friendly. They Are Also Non-GMO, Gluten-Free, Non-GMO And Gelatine-Free – So Absolutely Everyone Can Enjoy Their Brilliant Taste And Health Benefits!


Our Premium Quality Vitamin D3 Gummies Are Regulated And Approved In UAE Under The Dubai Municipality – You’ll Find Nothing But Safe And Sustainable Health Benefits When You Enjoy Rejuvences!

Crafted in the USA

Our Vitamin D3 Gummies Are Created In A State-Of-The-Art FDA And GMP-Approved Facility In The United States Using Premium Ingredients Sourced From Around The World. We Ship Globally, Helping Customers Everywhere Look After Their Health In The Most Delicious Way – No Matter Where They Live!

Affordable & Beneficial!

Rejuvences Vitamin D3 Gummies Are Available In 3 Price Ranges – So Whether You’re Looking After Your Own Health Or That Of Your Friends And Family, We Have The Right Package For You.

1 BOTTLE REJUVENCES vitamin d-3 gummies

Starts 103 AED For 1 Bottle

103 aed

120 aed

3 BOTTLE REJUVENCES vitamin d-3 gummies

262.65 Plus Free PDF Superfood 15% Will Be 87.55 AED Per Bottle

262.65 aed

309 aed

6 BOTTLE REJUVENCES vitamin d-3 gummies

463.5 AED (77.25 AED For Each Botte), Plus Free PDF Superfood And Free Delivery In UAE

463.5 aed

618 aed

What Makes Rejuvences so Good?

There’s No Limit To The Benefits Our Vegetarian Vitamin D3 Gummies May Bring To Your Body, As Well As Those Of Your Friends And Family!

Vitamin D Deficiency Is Becoming A Real Issue Around The World, Especially In Areas With Limited Exposure To Sunlight And In Individuals Who Are Unable To Head Outdoors. It’s Never Been More Important To Ensure You Maintain Healthy Vitamin D3 Levels – And Rejuvences Makes It Easy!

With Heightened Vitamin D3 Content Circulating Through Your Bloodstream, Your Body Is Thought To Increase The Efficiency With Which It Absorbs Calcium And Phosphorus – The Two Key Nutrients In Creating And Maintaining Strong Bones And Teeth.

For Athletes Seeking New Heights Of Performance, Vitamin D3 May Be Every Bit As Essential As Their Training Regime. By Boosting Calcium Absorption, Vitamin D3 Aids Muscle Contraction For More Powerful Movement. It Helps Your Cells Increase Energy Production So You Can Perform At Your Peak For Longer, And Boosts Cognitive Function To Keep You Focused On Making Winning Plays. And, With Stronger, Denser Bones, You Can Also Protect Your Body Against Potential Injuries.

Some Studies Have Suggested That Sufficient Vitamin D3 Levels May Help Enrich The Daily Lives Of Those Who Suffer From Osteoporosis, Rickets, Fractures And Other Conditions That Affect Bone Strength.

As We Grow Older, Our Muscles Become Weaker – Vitamin D3 Is Believed To Be Beneficial For Physical Performance And May Help The Elderly To Move More Confidently, Reducing The Risk Of Falls And Other Accidents!

Finally, Research Suggests That Vitamin D3 Can Improve Mood And Reduce The Likelihood Of Depression – After All, It Is The Sunshine Vitamin!

Rejuvences Immune Support Gummies Are Made Using The Highest-Quality Ingredients, Each Containing 250% Of Your Recommended Daily Vitamin D3 Value (Based On A 2,000 Calorie Daily Diet). Premium-Quality, Gluten-Free And Containing Zero Preservatives, Chemicals Or Artificial Ingredients – Eat 2 A Day Or Follow The Directions Of Your Doctor.

Remember, Whilst Rejuvences Vitamin D3 Gummies Taste Great And May Bring Many Health Benefits, They Should Never Be Used To Substitute A Balanced Diet Or Replace Prescribed Vitamin D3 Supplements. If You Suspect A Vitamin D3 Deficiency Or Have Any Health Concerns, Consult Your Registered Doctor As Soon As Possible!

What Rejuvences Users Have to Say

Don’t Just Take Our Word For It – Each Day, Our Customers Around The World Look After Their Health With Rejuvences Vitamin D3 Gummies. Here’s What They Think:

  • Masoud Rahpish


    A Supplement With Lots Of Benefits

    I’m definitely going to recommend anyone who’s interested to loss weight and improve fitness level to go for this supplement.

  • AAFREEN Shoaib


    Rejuvences Is Energy

    I have been using rejuvences since 15 days and, i am feeling super energetic & active.. Thanks rejuvences for making me feel super healthy..❤️

  • Mansi


    Amazing tasty gummies

    Thanks for the recommendation. My son loved the gummies. I would love to recommend it to all those who hate tablets

  • Nabtly


    Taste The Apple. Not The Vinegar

    Taste The Apple. Not The Vinegar without the unpleasant taste! you can enjoy some of the benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar with this easy and delicious gummies. Highly Recommend...

  • Anum Shoaib


    Amazing products

    Amazing products

  • Foram Dattani


    Great Gummies

    Honestly, I never tried gummies earlier but the vitamin D gummies by Rejuvences is really good and helps to maintain the level required for good health like bones and teeth

  • AAFREEN Shoaib


    Supports healthy bones & teeth

    This is absolutely a blessings to paining legs & feet, with amazing benefits & yummy taste.

  • Sultan Alhammadi


    Amazing Product

    I personally used it & I like it very much.
    I'm very impressed with the quality of the gummies and the flavor.

  • Abdelrahman Mohammed


    Great product

    I recently tried the Vitamin D gummies and I have to say, I am extremely impressed! These gummies are so delicious, I actually look forward to taking my daily vitamin. They are a convenient and tasty way to get my daily dose of Vitamin D, which is essential for maintaining strong bones and a healthy immune system.
    The packaging is also top-notch and I highly recommend these Vitamin D gummies. They are a tasty and effective way to support your health and wellness. Five stars!

  • Mohamed saeed


    Its very tasty

    Taste delicious
    Would like to order second time soon!!