How to Validate Supplement, and Cosmetics for Authenicity

How to Validate Supplement, and Cosmetics for Authenicity


How to Validate, and Verify Supplement, and Cosmetics  is Regulated, and Registered

Let me guide of steps, and way to verify supplement is safe, and regulated

Before purchasing any supplement or cosmetics, you wanna make sure you first choose brand that is not willing to loss its reputation.


Once you select there product, make sure it’s under  Good manufacturer Practice also known as GMP, if in USA or Canada, also look if its FDA regulated. If you purchase from Europe or Asian countries  GMP seal should be fine.

If its not there contact them directly if they have GMP certificate

If its available in your country marketplace ask them is it, regulated, and  registered in your country marketplace then request for the certificate for confirmation.


If they have registered product in UAE, no need to ask for GMP, and FDA certificate, because in order to register they must submit GMP certificate as mandatory requirement to register product.


Lets say specific product is not available in the country your living, then request them third party laboratory company that is well known for being unbiased, and  have conducted laboratory test that matches what ingredients, and nutrients fact if it match or not.


Once you received the bottle supplement if is it properly sealed for consumer protection to prevent it from being contaminated and reduce its potency.


That is why it is very important to power yourself with right information, and must do your due diligence.


What are the common counterfeit you will encounter if you didn’t do your due diligence?

  • Let say Supplement claim it contains 20 grams of protein, it may contain like 2 gram or 5 gram instead of 20 grams.
  • They may banned ingredients that is not even mentioned in nutrition or supplemental facts.
  • May contain completely different dose of vitamins compare to the claim nutrition or supplemental facts. 


Real Case Scenario I have encountered:

I have client came to me consult for supplement, told me doc I have sent you via whatsapp please have a look, and when I was searching of the same brand they were using banned ingredients which is citrus aurantum, and told him the news and was in shock, and denial, most people view is the good thing, but few look at the negative or harm ingredients due to lack of awareness education. The same client showed me of the same brand different  second product for weight loss, and this time it contain yohimbine which is also banned ingredients which was previously used as weight loss, and considered banned due to high side effect. Told him if the same brand did once using banned ingredients, and most likely they will repeat it second, and third time  without  caring for the  safeness of its clients they will do it again, and again for profit without.


Every country has its own regulated in terms whether its banned ingredient or not. Request from your local authority to provide list of banned ingredients in your country marketplace.

Message I wish to convey choose supplement that is proven effectively in randomized control trail journal or meta-analysis study, and at the same time choose that is safe with minimal side effect to reduce harm as much as possible similar to risk management concept.


Quick Checklist you go via:

    • Is it well respected brand that wont be willing to loss its reputation?
    • Is it regulated, and registered in the country your living?
    • Do they have seals of GMP, and/or FDA seal?
    • Does it contain banned ingredients?
    • Inspect package, is plastic inside is properly sealed for your protection from contamination?
    • In case your purchasing product outside the country your living, and not registered, Request third part unbiased laboratory for being tested for no counterfeits.


    Basic Terminologies:

     GMP: Good Manufacturing Practice, it is a system to ensure all products are consistently produced, and controlled according to quality standards.

    FDA: Food, and Drug authority which regulated the product is either pharmaceutical or dietary supplement.




    Written by: Dr.Mohamed Taryam, 18th of December, 2022