Meet Coach Masoud

Meet Coach Masoud

Jan 20 , 2023

Hey everyone hope you're doing well‼️


Allow me to introduce you to personal trainer I personal recommend if you need one.

Coach Masoud


I have known Coach Masoud, like 6 years ago, when I was doing Diploma in personal training, and fitness nutrition (Before Joining Family Medicine Specialization Program) 


Both of us are ISSA certified, and Masoud continued to continue his education in bodybuilding, and strength and condition, while me in the other hands focused on weight management coaching, and sports nutrition.

You see how we complement and work as team.

I actually referred two of my cousins to be trained under Coach Masoud, if you have seen result. Its actually wow 😍


No no, I am not talking about steroid users 💪🏼💉 , actually both of us combat against steroids use due to long term harm, and side effect.


Its Hard work, nutrition coaching and consistency 💪🏼 ✌🏻



If you guys looking for fine Personal Trainer it would be him, actually I consider him my right hand ✋🏻whenever I refer my clients to him.

I have also shared link for his credential


Coach Masoud Is Master Trainer from ISSA.

Here is Contact Number to reach him out


Instagram Account: Masoud.17.rahpish


We are there to serve you all
Instagram account you can also follow: Dr.MohamedTaryam

Towards Healthy Lifestyle ✅