Management of Constipation "Written by Dr.Mohamed Taryam"

Management of Constipation "Written by Dr.Mohamed Taryam"

Written by: Dr.Mohamed Taryam

In my practice, a lot of my patient came visiting asking for anti-constipation medication. Of course despite being healthy, and all other causes has been excluded.

What I truly want them to know is educate how to manage it before going to anti-constipation medication.

First is whenever you feel wanna pass bowel, do not, I repeat do not postponed it. By doing so it will change stool from being soft to hard, leading to constipation and difficult to defecate.

 Second would be advise to have habit of scheduled for passing bowel.

 Thirdly: Don’t ever strain, the more you strain more likely you will acquire hemorrhoids.

 Fourthly let talk about fibers, yes we need to educate and empower patient to have adequate, and high source of fibers.

Fiber not only used for healthy lifestyle and constipation, it also used for management of diverticulosis as well as hemorrhoids. 

Meta-analysis Study:

In the study shows good adequate source of fibers help increase stool frequency with constipated people  .

Allow me to share example of good source of fibers:

Oatmeal, and Whole-grain/Whole Wheat


Orange “the piece itself not the orange juice due, to fiber removal during process of making juice”

Nuts & Seeds





 Question I received, does probiotics helps in management of constipation:

According to this Systemic review of RCT trail study, it still require additional investigation 

What is the recommended amount in adult & children?

According to British Nutrition Foundation it is recommended for adult to exceed 30g daily.

Age 2-5 years: 15g

Age 11-16: 20g

Age 17 and over: 25g


Well what should I do, in case all of the nonpharmacological approach did not work?

You need to visit your Family Physician, for further evaluation, and may prescribe pharmacological approach


Does Water help in Constipation

In this study, fiber with water supplementation showed significantly enhanced by increasing fluid intake 1.5-2.0 Liters/day

So it seems there is synergistic when combining with fiber intake.