Tripod with wireless remote control

The Top 5 Recommended Tripods

Tripod with Wireless Remote Control

The Top 5 Recommended Tripods

Image and video blogs are a fantastic way to spread your message to the world, whether you are promoting your business or a cause close to your heart; or simply stay in touch with the people you love. However, you want to ensure that your photos and videos will be of a high quality, regardless of your audience.


Don’t settle for shaking videos and strange angles in photos.Here are the top five recommended tripod with wireless remote control for your phone, so you can focus on what matters.


1.    Flexible Tripod, Eocean 136cm Extendable Phone Tripod Stand with Carry Bag, Cell Phone Tripod with Wireless Remote, Universal Tripod for Video Selfie, iPhone Tripod Stand Travel Camera Tripod

The Eocean flexible tripod allows you to hold your camera steady wherever you go. Made from an aluminum alloy and weighing only one pound (approximately half of a kilo), it is the best photography travelling companion.


If you are travelling alone or everyone in your group wants to be part of the picture, you don’t need someone to take the photos for you. The Eocean extendable phone tripod stand is versatile in height, ranging from around 40cm (15.5 inches) to 136cm (54 inches), and a Bluetooth remote allows for one-click shooting.


2.    Tripod, 50 Inch Aluminum Tripod, Video Tripod for Cellphone, Camera, Universal Tripod with Wireless Remote, Compatible with iPhone Xs/Xr/X/8/8 Plus/Samsung Galaxy/Google/GoPro Hero

Another tripod by Eocean, this 50-inch design is one-third of the price, at 27AED as opposed to 89AED. It is compatible with virtually any device including Samsung, iPhone or even a GoPro Hero. No app is needed to use the wireless remote function, which extends to an effective range of 30 feet.


If the range of height, which also extends from 15 to almost 50 inches, doesn’t fit your ideas for your next picture or video, you have another option. Just use the selfie stick component – now any angle is possible!


3.    Selfie Stick Tripod, ShowTop 40 Inch Extendable Selfie Stick Tripod with Wireless Remote Control, Compatible with iPhone 12 11 X iPhone 8 Plus/iPhone 7/7 Plus, Samsung Galaxy S9 S10 Note 8 9 10 Huawei

The ShowTop selfie stick tripod is a smaller model, with a maximum of almost 40 inches (one metre) in height and a minimum of nine inches (22 centimetres). It is also half the weight of the above Eocean tripods at only 280 grams. This makes the ShowTop fit comfortably into a large handbag, for truly spontaneous video blogs, livestreams and calls with friends.


While you can use the ShowTop as a selfie stick, it provides far greater flexibility as a tripod. A ball head design that allows for 360 degree rotation gives you the full range of angles needed to show off your latest travel destination, take pictures without straining your neck, or even film from an imaginary perspective.


4.    Phone Tripod 127cm/50in, Eocean Aluminum Mobile Tripod Stand with Carry Bag for DSRL, SRL, Travel Tripod with Wireless Remote Control for Live Streaming, Work, Vlogging, Lightweight Tripod for iphone

This aluminum mobile tripod model by Eocean is heavier than the others listed here, weighing 730 grams without the phone inserted. This makes it much sturdier than the lighter tripods, but you’d be best to carry it in a backpack more than a handbag.


The extra weight and stabilizing shape allows this travel tripod stand to support a wider range of some cameras too. Entry-level Nikon models, Canon cameras, SLR, DSLR and action cameras are able to fit. Despite the advances in smartphone technology, there is truly no substitute for a real camera, especially when you are a professional photographer or practice it as a serious art form.  



5.    Selfie Stick Tripod, Eocean 54 inch Extendable Phone Tripod Stand, Universal Tripod with Wireless Remote, Portable Travel Camera Tripod, Lightweight iPhone Tripod

The selfie stick tripod model by Eocean is great for both phone and portable travel camera use. Despite being lightweight, at only 300 grams, this universal tripod can hold up to two kilograms of camera weight. However, the wireless remote only works on smartphones, but many cameras have timer settings. With a 360-degree rotation for the phone holder and 180 degrees of rotation for the head, now your travel camera can reach new angles and perspectives.



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